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I'm trying something a little more aggressive now: I am deleting any accounts with at least 1 post that have posted AFTER the last legitimate/non spam post on the support forum. This will also remove every message posted since, which is all spam. New accounts with 0 posts are retained just in case they're someone real who hasn't posted yet.

I've also been blocking IPs of banned accounts, but this doesn't work so well since there's a plethora of available open proxies. There are a few IPs that hit this forum constantly (thousands of connect attempts per day) so blocking them does provide some benefit. There is potential for collateral damage here since I don't attempt to verify that the IP is an open proxy. (No, I haven't blocked Googlebot, I'm not THAT stupid )

Anyway, just a wrap up, and an apology for the amount of crap appearing in this forum lately. If it continues I'll have to look at CAPTCHA or something similar.
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